Kemal Tamer


As an innovative and visionary group of companies, we brought Tamer Group, which I laid the foundations from scratch 20 years ago, to a strong position in the real sector. Years ago, we decided to keep up with the changing world and take our place in technology. Now we are transforming into a technology group of companies. We have an innovative and young staff. We have had long evaluation and preparation processes to enter the technology world with an unusual business model, as we have done in different sectors many times before.

First of all, we realized that we had to get rid of our memorization. We started to discover the negative effects of our culture, whose cultivation I carry with pride, on business life in the new world order. In my 20 years of business life, I have repeatedly witnessed that the most valuable thing for an idea to come to life is thought to be a source of money. As the people of a country whose roots are based on the empire and the empire culture dominated by regional powers, we consider the "material resource" the most important power in trade. However, the rapid change of the world in front of our eyes through technology has shown that people's ideas create money. Businesses formed by people starting with an idea were growing rapidly and constituted the financial resource. And "human resource" was worth more than money resource, and we were not taught that way!

It is time to determine our target audience in human resources. The rate of young population is very high in our country. The interest of these young people in technology is also considerable. The probability of being happy as a white-collar after finishing their academic education is not very high. For this reason, entrepreneurship appetite is high. Our currency has depreciated and our youth want to earn their income worldwide. If we can direct the qualified young audience about entrepreneurship and technology correctly; We set out with the idea that we can add value to our people and our country. We had to be a companion to the entrepreneur's idea and constantly transfer our experiences.

For this, we had to get out of all companies that take operational load in Tamer Group and give all our concentration to technology. In order to match the startup spirit with our experiences, we had to get rid of all our investor egos and return to our entrepreneurial spirit! As an experienced and young team, we should create value and the only way to scale globally was to unemploy ourselves and gather all our concentration. We rolled up our sleeves and returned to our 20-year-old state. Now we were also re-entrepreneurs. After 3 years of preparation, we established Tamer Capital as a "startup developer" at the end of 2020. We are going very fast.

We choose the young people we call "Finder" for our already young staff and raise them as full entrepreneurs. These are unicorn finders. It is important for Finders to have a good academic education. But most importantly, their ability to obtain information easily ... Our Finders are young people who want to be good entrepreneurs, who want to learn and develop the startup spirit.

We have done distressed asset management for 20 years. So we tried to create values with scarce resources. We have seen that our experience of establishing productive companies by using less resources and discovering practical methods corresponds exactly to the way startups work. Startup entrepreneurship is a form of management. You cannot manage startups like you manage holding. In a large company or holding, you get the idea that comes to mind by using resources. In Startup, you should find the most practical, efficient and cheap method. It is this perspective that creates real value out of nothing ...

We instill the startup work culture thoroughly by dealing with our finders and all startup projects we will develop within our organization, full-time. We wish to bring many companies to Tamer Group with the work of Tamer Capital, a startup developer. As distressed asset experts for 20 years, we are determined to break the prejudice that is accepted in the ecosystem that the majority of startups will go bankrupt. Our job is to train entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who do their best to minimize the chance factor that creates the possibility of failure.

Stay with love