Tamer Capital is an investment and venture development platform. Tamer Capital can invest vertically or horizontally in all startups from early stage to MVPs, be involved in their organizational process, and support their process so that they can be Unicorn and globalize.

You can send your project by using the “Apply” button on mainpage, after you entered your needed information.

Your project will be examined by our Finders and you will be returned. If the result is positive, we can want you to tell your project in detail in an online meeting.

Your project will be examined in max 3 days and you will be returned as positive or negative in max one week.

We can support and invest in all technological startups from early stage to MVP.

No! Tamer Capital cares about all technological startups. You can leave your project so that our Finders can examine it, by talking about previous investments and partnership structure.

Digital Incubators are incubation centers that do not need a physical environment in the development and investment processes of startups.

Venture Builder is the person or organization that provides investment support as well as providing strategic contributions to the idea stage or emerging startups.

The entire contribution of Venture Builders, the process of developing and growing startups to become unicorn candidates are all called "Venture Building".

Investments made in startups that need financial support after a certain period of time are called 'Venture Capital'.

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Generally, investments that provide financial support for startups or small entrepreneurs are called 'Angel Investment'.

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Incubation centers are defined as business development centers that provide financial and moral support to entrepreneurs to develop their ventures.